Sitting in a coffee shop, trying to think of what the *thing* or *things* I’m supposed to do are.  Here’s what I know:

I’m a creative, but I’m not an artist, or a designer. I’m a blogger, but I don’t cook elaborate meals or write recipes. I don’t develop fantastic DIY projects, and my messy home is definitely not one for Pinterest. Also, I suck at photography.

Before this gets negative, I HAVE figured out that I have truths to tell, and while blogging is SOOOOO 2013, this is still the best form for me to tell them. I love sharing my life here – whether it’s the silly things my kids are doing or the new things that I’m into.

I’m a very goofy person, but for some reason, I gravitate to blogs that are more serious.

Also, I hate pictures. Ask Ted.

What does that make for me? What is the best use of this space?

In short – I haven’t figured it out yet. I’d love to hear from you if you have.