There’s nothing worse for a blog silence than a blog post acknowledging your blog silence. I finally felt OK with it when Leigh Kramer posted about how she was “processing some big stuff right now, none of which is for public consumption. It’s nothing dire but as an introverted feeler, this is the time to tend to my soul.”

So yeah, big life stuff is happening. I’m trying to follow Leigh’s example and tend to my soul – making more time to read, exercise, pursue other creative projects, and realistically, devour The Good Wife on Amazon Prime. It’s so good ya’ll. ┬áIf you haven’t watched, go spend 128 or so hours doing that rather than stalking this place.

I’m struggling right now with figuring out how to pursue an authentic, creative life…that doesn’t seem like I am doing so for the sheer purpose of sharing it with you all.

More later. Happy Memorial Day. I wish you many Mason jars of tasty drinks, grilled treats, and mosquito bites.