There is a lot of loss that happened for me in March. 3 of my 4 natural grandparents passed in March. My friend Caroline’s dad passed in March. This year, we lost my dear Uncle Jerry in March. But March is also a month of gains. I’ve started 3 of my past jobs in March.  My son had an awesome first hockey season and an amazing parent-teacher conference that made me wonder if I’m really capable of raising the incredible young man I see every day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this the past couple of days, as I munch on far too many Easter eggs filled with candy.  There needed to be death in order for there to be the Resurrection (if that is something you believe).  There needs to be darkness before the dawn.

That’s why I live in a place with four seasons and suffer through blinding snowstorms – because I’m starting to see the life blooming again.