Note: I can’t take credit for this awesome post idea. Go read Kath Eats for her original take on this.

Hey you…
January: stop indulging already, the holidays are over. You know your body will start to crave the stuff it needs when you quit clouding it up with junk. More green smoothies, less pizza. OK, with some caveats. Eat the REAL good stuff, the stuff that you’d eat even if you weighed 250 lbs. Not M’s Pop Tarts because they are the only breakfast item you can find.

February: This is your hardest month of the year, emotionally. Your mom and dad go to Florida for a much-deserved retirement vacation, A is in sweeps so he’s really busy, and the snow never ends. Cut yourself some slack. Try out hot yoga or splurge for a visit to the Kroc Center for the kids. Try to enjoy the opportunities this month provides you. Have you taken the kids sledding yet?

March: spring is on the horizon, you can make it! If it’s above 32 degrees, go outside and run. It’ll help your 10K speed and your spirits. If it never gets to that point, well…it’s almost April 🙂 Have you started thinking about what to do with M this summer?

April: start begging A to get the bikes out!

May: this month, your little boy will be 8. What have you done lately to show him how special he is to you? You know he is a sensitive soul like you, so what would YOU appreciate?

June: You’re taking your birthday off this year and leaving your phone home while you get a pedicure. No debates needed.

July: you’ll be celebrating your little C, and the other C’s new bundle of joy. Make sure to be there for her during those tough newborn days. You’ll never forget how she saved you when your daughter was 3 weeks old and you were ready to lose it. She came over with a coffee at lunch and made you laugh and made you remember yourself again.

August: You’ll be in Ludington this month! Treasure every moment of M&C’s relationship with your cousins. They are all growing up far too fast.

September: Don’t be sad summer is over, be happy that ArtPrize is here! You have the vacation time available, so take it and truly enjoy the favorite part of the city where you live.

October: Don’t bother buying anything until at least October 25. This is the time where you should stop looking at Pinterest. Plus, no one likes 3-week-old candy.

November: Do more holiday stuff now, so you can enjoy the holidays in December. Ask A for his gift list now so your mom doesn’t stress about him so much. She means well…

December: NOT IMPORTANT: doing all the holiday things. V. IMPORTANT: the time you spend with your children while they are young enough to believe in magic.