Linking up with Amy’s update on all the cool life things this week…

Twice boutique. So I’m scared to admit this but there is a chance I may make my Weight Watchers goal weight this week. Or I might not, because we had a rather indulgent weekend at a wedding. But anyways, it has gotten to where I have the very nice problem that all of my prior life clothes look like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s closet.  I had been reading about Twice on a few blogs and decided to actually not be lazy and pack up some of my larger sized items to sell.

The bad: of the 20+ items I bought from them, they purchased….2. However, keep in mind that on top of the 2 items purchased, they also gave me a $10 credit for my first sell, and a $10 credit for downloading their app. So I really ended up making $30 for simply taking a bunch of stuff out of my closet and throwing it in a bag.

And for that $30 I got two pairs of GAP pants and a really nice fall skirt, in a size that actually looks appropriate. One pair of pants isn’t fantastic – and the best part is: I can return stuff to Twice for no charge! I probably will not sell to them again, just because so much of  my wardrobe is based on brands they don’t buy, but I’ll definitely be buying stuff from them in the future. They tend to be generous with the discount codes too!

Kate Baer’s blog. You guys know I love a good mommy blogger, right? Real women with brains who read books and write intelligently?  Kate Baer is that new woman for me.  I read 5 of her posts and proceeded to break down in tears in the “been there felt that” sort of way (start with this one) . She writes eloquently about PPD, feeling overwhelmed, fun books, and she is one of the REALEST mamas I’ve ever read.  Currently planning to go back and reread EVERYTHING she’s read (cause I binge read blogs like people binge watch on Netflix).

Chia Seed Jam. I got mad at my own chaotic disorganization (see aforementioned Kate’s blog here on this – she sums it up so much better than I could!) and I decided that if I couldn’t control my life, I could control my fantasy life. Yes folks, I’m talking about my Pinterest boards. While my children had a miraculous hour-long session in the playroom on Sunday, I got real with myself and my iPhone and deleted half the stupid sayings, craft projects I really will never make, recipes that I never will have the ingredients for, and about 750000 pairs of outfit shots from 2012 containing: 1. a skinny pant 2. a high knee boot and 3. a top that makes #1 and #2 appropriate for about 3 days of Michigan weather.

However, one of the items I saved involved using chia seeds to make jam.  I’ve had a love affair with chia seeds since starting WW – they are like flax seeds but do a better job of keeping you full. Adding them to liquid magically turns said liquid into a gelatinous, pudding-like substance. I like to do a combo of cocoa powder and almond milk because then it becomes nutritionally acceptable to eat chocolate pudding for breakfast.

The recipe I used is posted here.  It literally took me 10 minutes to mash in some strawberries I had washed and hulled, and the jam is the most delicious I have ever tasted. My mom is a huge freezer jam maker, but you know how that stuff always feels like you are coating your teeth with sugar? None of that.  I did use a little Truvia, but the jam really lets the fruit’s natural sweetness come through. I am already planning a batch with a bunch of raspberries that were super cheap this week, and I’m excited about trying it out with fall fruits as well (pumpkin jam? Could I make that be a thing?).