About Me

10399823_150318915587_2904399_nHi there!  I’m Jacqui.

I’m a Midwestern mom to two children.

The boy we call M. He loves Minecraft and his dream is to play football for the University of Michigan. He was born in May of 2007. The girl we call C. She loves her brother, applesauce, and Elmo. She was born in July of 2013.

When I’m not keeping them out of trouble, I work as a writer and editor who loves to help companies “make waves.” Check out my work.

Being a mom and working full time keeps me plenty busy, but I still seek out ways to fulfill my own passions. I love to be creative, be it through writing, arts/crafts, cooking and being domestic, or appreciating other art – books, great movies and TV shows, and artwork (did I mention I live in the home of ArtPrize).

When I had my first child, I was amazed at how little support was given to working mothers, and even moreso, how I was almost expected to stop pursuing my own wants and desires to sacrifice for my son. I think that is one of the worst things we can teach our children, and leads to parental resentment. I’m hoping to show at least a few of you the abundance of joy that it in my life, both the Mom and the non-mom stuff!

I also really like popcorn.